Since I watched “Bicycle Thieves” of Vittorio De Sica, I felt in love straight away of the Italian neorealism­ cinema. This style has influenced filmmakers worldwide.

After World War II the Italian Cinecittà Studio was used as a refugee center , forcing De Sica to shoot on location. He turned this obstacle into a virtue, recording on the streets, and dubbing sound and dialogue later.

His documentary style and casting of nonactors complemented his storylines’ focus on tragedies affecting normal, flawed people.

bycicle thieves.jpg

This film has been such a masterpiece, without the need of an extraordinary story, big budget or professional actors.


The story is about a long-unemployed worker gets a job posting flayers, his bycicle become his most important possession. When it is stolen, he goes out to look for it with his young son. Shot entirely on location in Rome, depicting the life of ordinary people and its touching ending became emblematic of the movement.


In my opinion the word CINEMA has been exactly defined with this film because the best story to portray are of the people’s ones.

This is a cinema in which you can believe and identify yourself, and I wish one day be able to be part of amazing films that transmit the same emotions.


The photography of the film is wonderful, so real and pitiless.

De Sica was showing with his film, the hard times that the Italy was passing through.

The technique of the film get involved simple and effective methods such as long takes and deep focus that purposefully show us as much of the city and its inhabitants as the protagonist himself.

It has been used static cameraworks to highlight the realism of the scenes and to mask the role of the camera in order to get dragged the audience into the screen.


This film has inspired me because has been one of a very few movie that after it was finished, it left me unsettle, I was entirely immerse into the story and I was there with Bruno and Antonio looking for their bicycle and sad for the poverty they had to face.

For this reason movie like this one, make me so proud to be Italian and what bigger inspiration of movies that talk about your culture’s story?

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